History of the Amersham Area

51-55 High St

 The Museum (No 49) is on the right and No 55 (Chattertons) on the left with the tall white facade.  The photo was taken early in the morning after the annual Fair, hence the welcome absence of cars in the street.

Nos. 51 to 53 were probably built in the 19th century in front of the hall-house which is now the Museum.  Part of a wing of the 16th century hall-house was demolished.  For many years, no. 51 was the post office as shown in the photo gallery below.  Behind no. 51 was Serendipity (see below).

No. 55  became a branch of Capital & Counties Bank in about 1900, by 1939 it had become Lloyds Bank and is now Chatterton’s, a dress shop.  Read about Lieutenant Grist, the manager who died in action in WWI.  It is thought that in the 19th century it was a school.  See article below about the history.

Lloyds 1947


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