History of the Amersham Area

Are you one of the Shardeloes Babies?



Where did the mothers of the 5,000 babies come from?

How many of the “babies” can we contact?

Where do they live now?


Amersham Museum started a project in 2015 to create a list of as many as possible of the thousands of babies born at Shardeloes when it was a maternity hospital in World War II and for some years after that. We had contact information for about 70 of those babies who will now be in their late 60s or early 70s and have managed to collect over 100 more details.  See the latest list of the “babies”. Please help by using the contact form below. 

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On August 20th 2015 we had an event at the museum to bring together as many people as possible connected with the ‘Shardeloes Babies’ story. With friends and relations, there were about 80 people there.  They were able to see the new Homefires & Havens exhibition about Amersham in the 1940s, including the Shardeloes Babies story, as well as having strawberries and cream in the garden!

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