History of the Amersham Area

What’s New on this website

This website is still growing as more contributions are received and the list below shows the changes in the last year.  Just click on any of the underlined words to see the page.


March 2016

New page about Amersham’s 19th century soup kitchens; some of the pages of the WW1 Amersham Remembers book have been updated.

April 2016

Two very helpful articles for researchers which explain how the Censuses in Amersham were organised and the way the town was split into districts.

May 2016

Information and photo added about Jemima Line, born in 1853; new page added about the pay of census officials.

June 2016

An article added about Roger and Thomas Pemberton; many more names and photos added to the Shardeloes Babies page during this year.

July 2016

An extract from the 1798 Posse Comitatus for Amersham & Chesham Bois added to the reference section; an article added about the Martyrs Play 2016; a new page about J H Kennard, the architect; Absent Voters’ List for 1918 added; links added about a wartime diary published by Amersham Museum in 2016.

August 2016

New page about the early development of North Road next to the Common in Chesham Bois; page added about Bunny Wilson who won the George Medal in WW2; new pdf attached to the page about 122-128 High Street.

September 2016

New page about Pat Harrison, the founder of the Little Missenden Festival.

October 2016

See the many buildings in Amersham Old Town which were built by the Drake family; we are always adding to the list of Shardeloes Babies as we receive more information.

November 2016

New page about Boughtons of Bell Lane.

December 2016

New links added to research done by the Amersham Society about houses in Whielden Street: no. 23 and nos. 43 & 45.

January 2017

New page added about Richard Morris, Pastor of Amersham Baptist Church for 41 years from 1776; new page about Woodside Farm; new page about the Toovey Family, some of whom lived in the building which is now Amersham Museum.

February 2017

New link added at the bottom of the page about the Richardson Sisters to a large selection of their paintings.

March 2017

A new article about the Mason family of Beel House; new page about the Shardeloes Water Wheel.

April 2017

New section added about Little Chalfont with a new page about the many farms which existed before the railway arrived and another about the Turnpike milestone.


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